Hi I'm Tiffany Taylor!


Sex is complicated! I'm here to help clear things up. No matter how old you are or how long you've been sexually active, things can bring surprises and feelings change. No one should feel alone and there are more answers available if you have the courage to ask!

I'm here to help you:

  • Become a master at communicating your needs.
  • Feel comfortable as you are, completely and totally!
  • Build secure and authentic intimate encounters.
  • Sex after assault, loss, or grief.
  • Anything you don't feel like discussing with anyone else!
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I embrace and value the uniqueness of each individual as they enter a process of self-discovery and healing. I believe that every individual is unique and therapy should be catered to meet the needs of the individual, family and/or couple.

It is my belief that our best and brightest days are ahead of us and it would be my pleasure to embark on a therapeutic journey of self-discovery and healing with you!

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Break the Silence

I want to get out of my head during sex.

Trapped in a cycle of self-doubt and insecurity when it comes to intimacy? It's okay. This is the reality for many people that have had trauma in the past related to intimacy and rejection. It's time to take back that power, find your pleasure, and experience it!

Initially, you may feel overwhelmed in your quest to seek support. But it's during this moment of vulnerability that you activate your greatest strengths and your pain transitions into power.

Improve your ability to orgasm by getting out of your head and connecting with your pleasure. Learn the physical, mental and emotional approach that will help you achieve orgasm..


You're imperfect and you're wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love.

- Brene Brown

If you...

feel a lack of fulfillment in your relationships...

struggle with connecting...

survived sexual assault or trauma and looking for help...

need support in fertility your journey...

Or just need a shoulder to lean on, I'm here.

This is the first step.
We can support you as your transform
your pain into your power